June 2008
Garden Route Tour

The Garden Route Tour was the 4th organized tour my wife and I have been on and the 1st with your company.This was the best in a number of ways, the organization was the best I have seen so far – unique and 1st class accommodations and pretty much one gourmet meal after another.The Route was a terrific balance of tar and gravel roads with spectacular winding mountain passes, coastal 2 lane roads and pastoral rural towns which seemed to be from time gone by. This tour is a great introduction to South Africa as so many climate zones are visited and the roads are in such good condition. We were pleased that a low GS650 was available for my wife and my GS800 performed flawlessly, either of these bikes are excellent for this tour. This was the 1st time my wife and I rode on gravel and we found that we were up to the task, any competent road rider will be able to handle the gravel portions of this tour, and of course now we have enough experience for Namibia!
Thanks for a great trip.
Carl & Dorothy Clarkstone
Port Alberni, BC Canada