July 2005
Motorcycle rental from Johannesburg and self-guided tour in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Hello Mr Muess,
We had a superb holiday in SA, and everything with the bikes was excellent. Due to the SAA strikes, my colleague arrived a day later than expected and without his luggage. But, thanks to your staff’s help, who organised a jacket and helmet, we managed to head-off as planned!
Warm regards and until next year!

Franz Szilagyi and Dirk Johrendt from Germany

April 2005
Self-guided Tour Johannesburg Durban

Self-guided Tour Johannesburg Durban
We were a little sceptical when we arrived at the airport as this was the test of the entire trip. We were relieved when we did have someone to pick us up, and Jurgen was not a con man on the internet. From then on, we were overly impressed with the whole event. Our drivers and transport were excellent, all accommodation was well above what we had expected and the tour, well, all we need is a bike, and we are happy.
To sum up, we were completely impressed with the information that we received prior to the tour, the organisation of the tour, the ease of navigation of South Africa, the quality of our accommodation, the safety we felt while in the country, and the complete package of the event. Well done.

Michael and Matt Hawthorn from Australia

April 2005
Self-guided Tour – Cape Town, Garden Route

Just a perfect tour!
Good bike,very good accomodations,in different styles,delightfull roads and gravel roads,over 4000km in so wide,wild and gorgeous panoramas…….and there so much more left to see in South Africa, that I sure have to come back
So,see you soon, Jurgen!

Dominique Cully from Réunion Island

January 2005
Self-guided Tour – Garden Route

Hello Jurgen,
all fine and back at work. Many thanx to you for a terrific break, hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

Geof and Cherry from England

November 2004
Gardenroute Tour

Dear Guys,
thanks very much for guiding, filming, bus-driving and the fun we had together. We enjoyed our Gardenroute Tour very much!

Klaus Mayer BMW dealer in Germany and group

September 2004
West Coast/Namibia Tour

We would like to thank you for all the assistance we got especially me who was in contact with you for a very long time before the tour. You were always available even when you were on a tour, answered my mails and supplied any necessary information. Along my preparation for the tour I was sure that I made the right choice to take the motorbike tour with you and obviously it has been proved to be the right decision with no surprises.

Zippy and Zvi Pink from Israel

August 2004
African Adventure Tour

I still think about our trip a lot and everytime it brings this huge smile to my face. Thinking about all the things we’ve done and seen, and to do it with such great people. I know we are lucky to being able to do all those things. I’m definately up for another trip to the RSA!

Nanette and Bob from Monaco

December 2003
Self-guided Tour Cape Town – Garden Route

We truly enjoyed the experience and I think next time there will be more of us coming over for West Coast Tour.

Branimir and Ratko from Croatia

September 2003
South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland Tour

Hola Cabrón Jurgen,
we are fine, tomorrow the Puercos Brotherhood will go to the International Meeting of BMW in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México, we will tell everybody about our good and wonderful tour in South Africa with you….It is good to know that we have a full member of the Big Puercos in SA, make honour to your rank and be always a real Puerco…I hope everything is fine for you and your bussines become better and better…I saw you webpage and I can tell you is very good…
I enjoy a lot the pictures and my memories of our tour…Best wishes for you and will be in contact…Auf wiedersehen Ernesto

Ernesto Ramirez Godoy and group from Mexico