Jurgen Muess


The name says it all. One of Karoo Biking’s owners is Jurgen, an impossibly tall German fellow with a passion for BMW motorcycles. He’s travelled extensively through the country and also lived in Johannesburg for a few years. He couldn’t stay away for too long though and, after a short intermezzo in Cologne, returned to set-up Karoo-Biking.

Today, he calls Cape Town home and is delighted to have taken that step. Meeting people from all over the world, touring this awesome country on top of the range BMW motorcycles, exploring and making your stay unforgettable are a few of his favourite pastimes. He couldn’t wish for a better job.

He completed his degree in Germany before starting the long climb up the corporate ladder. Jurgen worked in a marketing and sales capacity for approximately 15 years consulting to television broadcasters on what equipment they needed for their studios. His work took him to almost every corner of the globe “but,” says Jurgen, “I can honestly say that you would have to look long and hard to match the South African landscape, weather and way of life.”

But the corporate world and all its stresses are history! Its now time
to take a look at South Africa and one of the best ways to
experience it: on a BMW motorcycle!
Jurgen Muess

Menzi Cele

The newest and youngest addition to the Karoo Biking team is Menzi Cele. Hailing from the friendly shores of Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, a former law student with an extensive background in the hospitality industry. This makes for a peculiar combination, but you can be guaranteed customer service is something very familiar to him.

Having migrating to Cape Town to try his hand in public relations world, he’s worked on some of South Africa’s leading alcohol brands whilst working his way up the corporate ladder. The change of stream was spear headed by a dream to travel and a desire get to know this beloved land we call Southern Africa, in the best way possible riding a bike.

He joins Karoo Biking in an administrative capacity primarily and as driver of the back-up vehicle on some of our guided tours. A well established young chap with a background as diverse as this nation, you couple this with a new found passion for bikes and for travel he has the makings of a great team member.

Jan de Toit

This ex-farmer traded in his tractor for a BMW motorcycle and never looked backed. That was back in 2000.

Jan owns and runs “Country Trax”, an Off-Road riding Academy, from the transformed farm in Amersfort. As an off-road specialist and with his superior command of the powerful machines, Jan leads the African Adventure tour that takes participants through the outback of Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga.

His farm now also boasts bespoke log cabins hand crafted by Jan that can only be described as a ‘must see’.

Celia le Roux

The newest, perhaps youngest (!), but definitely female member of the team grew up on a farm in the Klein Karoo. She went to school in De Rust and had to travel on horseback with her many siblings to attend afternoon tennis games. Fortunately methods of transport have evolved and Celia is now the proud and prodigious owner of a BMW F650GS

After studying agriculture she farmed with wine and cattle in various parts of the country. Her quest for the perfect meal was realized when she co-owned the award-winning Jemima’s restaurant for 6 years in Oudtshoorn.

It is a constant endeavour for her adventurous spirit to travel and celebrate unfathomable horizons, so as a voyager she is now doing exactly what the wise man Lin Yutang dictated :

A good traveller is one who does not know where he is going to, and a perfect traveller does not know where he came from.

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