September 2007
Cape Town – Windhoek Tour

This was my third guided motorcycle tour with Karoo-Biking and definitely the best of the lot. I experienced a travel package consisting of perfect organisation, breath-taking routes – adapted to all skills levels – and very unique and exclusive accommodation places.
There were so many highlights in the course of this journey; Jurgen never failed to surprise us, his intricate knowledge of South Africa and Namibia, combined with awesome accommodation and fantastic culinary experiences made this a super trip. The other participants and fellow riders were just the cherry on top of the cake. We all had a splendid time.
One might be the opinion, that these journeys don’t come cheap, I definitely say it was worth every penny spent.
For my part, I am already planning the next tour with Karoo Biking, there are still so many places to see and roads to ride in Southern Arica.
Jurgen, one of your spoilt customers is threatening you with another order. I know you gladly accept this challenge,
I’ll see you next time.
The video clip below was recorded and edited by Jörg, in the course of his motorcycle tour in September 2007. Many thanks for giving Karoo Biking the permission to show this clip on our website. JM