March 2015
Garden Route Tour

Dear Jurgen and Marchant,
Thank you very much for the professional prepared tour. Jurgen you did a top job working out the tour, lodges and nevertheless the excellent places for dining and wining. All of us were very impressed about the quality of this tour. Jurgen you are a perfectionist. Well done.
Marchant it was such a pleasure to meet you and listen to your extreme tour stories (USA, Kanada, La Paz ++++). Very impressive but not possible for us, for a south african warrior no problem. Wish you all the best for your next idea of crossing Russia. We had a lot of fun together, thank you.
You both together are an excellent team for Karoo Biking. Stay together and be successful for many years to come. I think there will be at least 1 more tour booking in some time by Michael. He is very keen going from Capetown to Windhoek. He had really to battle a bit going after the tour by GS now again on his R1150R. I can only start the season on 01.04.2015. Hopefully there will be nice weather around easter to meet the other guys.

Attached a photo showing me on my bike.
Very best wishes to you
Herbert Czeschka
Vlotho, Germany

Herbert Czeschka, Germany

October 2010
Cape Town – Windhoek Tour

Des paysages magnifiques, un hébergement remarquable, des qualités humaines et un professionnalisme d’exception ont fait de ce voyage un des plus beau de notre vie… Un séjour de rêve.
Jlouis & Martine
Toulouse, France

Jlouis & Martine from Toulouse, France