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Sawubona is a Zulu word

Sawubona is a Zulu word and Zulu is one of South Africa's 11 official languages. Sawubona directly translates to "I see you" and is used to say "hello and welcome". But the word means so much more. The minute you touch down and step off the plane, you'll experience the true sense of what the word actually means. Friendly faces with contagious smiles will warmly welcome you as a feeling of relaxed happiness overwhelms the senses. My romance with the country began in 1995 on my very first visit, the moment I stepped off the plane and was greeted with a "Sawubona". I wish you a Sawubona and hearty welcome to Karoo-Biking!

Travel and especially international travel has a lot to do with trust. Trust in yourself that you made the right decision, trust in the country and its people and most importantly, trust in your travel agent or partner. On these pages, I would like to tell you a little more about myself and the Karoo Biking team because, who knows, perhaps we'll be travelling the South African streets and outback together soon.

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