September 2005
Great African GS Challenge Tour

Dear Jurgen,
I would like to send you a sincere word of thanks and praise from Germany. You conceptualised a 3200 km roundtrip of the choicest routes ensuring that the riders experienced the most diverse landscapes, places, road conditions and levels of riding difficulty. Your accommodation selection as well as the recommended restaurants, eateries and rest places were more than satisfactory. Also, I found your advice with motorcycle related topics as well as all our questions relating to daily life in South Africa downright enjoyable. To end with, I’ve made up my mind: When South Africa holiday, with absolute pleasure again Karoo Biking. With best regards,

Achim Scholz from Germany

August 2004
African Adventure Tour

I still think about our trip a lot and everytime it brings this huge smile to my face. Thinking about all the things we’ve done and seen, and to do it with such great people. I know we are lucky to being able to do all those things. I’m definately up for another trip to the RSA!

Nanette and Bob from Monaco