March 2015
Cape Town – Johannesburg Tour in March 2015

Hello Jurgen, hello Menzi and team,
Thanks to you we had very special and unforgettable two weeks in South Africa.
After one week at home this dream is still in our heads, again and again images of this wonderful trip appear in our minds.
We running again from the Rhinoceros mother with its Baby, we are impressed by Flagstaff, the width and the variedly landscape, the friendly African people, the sunsets, Jurgens’s knowledge of wine and of course the lovely Cappuccino and so on and so on … The choice of the localities, guesthouses and lodges was very impressive for us and there were no wishes left.
It was an all in on package and the approaches were often exciting. We pay you a compliment for the compilation/ arrangement / composition. Well done. Thanks to “our hero of the day”. In future, when we get on and off our bike we will remember South Africa, Jurgen and Karoo-Biking. Keep on going – so that many more of your guests can have the pleasure of such an adventure trip.
See you soon… Harald und Marliese
PS: to Menzi thanks for the shirt – it has the right size and fits perfectly. Marliese
Forst, Germany