As some of you may know South Africa is currently in the middle of a nationwide lockdown, to try and curb the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, while we all agree these measures are necessary they have put a lot of strain on many businesses and communities.

One of our accommodation suppliers (Strandloper Ocean in Paternoster, a small village on the West Coast ca. 150 km North of Cape Town) has been supporting Tannie Annie since last year. She started out of her own, very modest means, to cook for the poorest and most neglected of the Paternoster children. The situation for these children has deteriorated enormously with the great challenges the pandemic has brought. So far Tannie Annie was provided with food by the hotel and she cooked for 80 -100 children herself.

From the start of the lockdown, the number of children in need, increased to 180-200. That is why Chef Garth Almazan (Leeto Restaurant @Strandloper) decided to help by cooking nutritious and healthy meals for the children every day. The food is distributed by Tannie Annie.

The feeding program, started by Tannie Annie, in partnership with West Coast Kids, can now provide a heathy meal to over 200 kids, with the number growing daily. For many of these children this is the only meal they have.

A task like this in no easy feat, so if you would like to pledge your support, any contribution, no matter how small can go a long way. Please see details below:


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