Among many other things, South Africa is famous for Nelson Mandela, Table Mountain, rooibos tea, the Karoo, its 11 official languages, hot Summers and mild Winters and yes, the big five. We see an influx of visitors to our shores from September onwards every year, to enjoy the balmy weather and view amazing wildlife. Little do they know however, that many locals choose to view wildlife during South Africa’s Winter months.

The lush landscapes of the Northern Provinces are home to some of the countries largest game parks including the Kruger National Park. Visitors flock hoping to catch a glimpse of lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and black rhinoceros otherwise known as the big five. With its ‘almost tropical’ climate, short afternoon bursts of rain ensure that vegetation is thick and water more plentiful in Summer.

Temperatures soar into the mid-30 degrees Celsius too, forcing wildlife to seek shelter in cool shade that the ample flora provides.

Petru Malan, a farmer in the Mpumalanga province, advises that game viewing and safari type breaks are best taken in Winter. The Northern regions of South Africa typically display clear, crisp days and much drier weather. With water scarce and vegetation sparse, spotting the often illusive game is far easier and more rewarding. Limited water sources also make an afternoon trip to the watering holes particularly rewarding. Sundowners taken on decks overlooking these wildlife magnets are truly unforgettable.

If the African sun and soaring mercury in Summer is not what you deem holiday material, consider a break during South Africa’s Winter months. The Northern Provinces are the ideal breakaway destinations for a quick motorcycle sojourn. Karoo Biking will gladly arrange a private tour package for you to include myriad activities such as safaris.

We arrange personalized tours to suit your schedule and prices to suit your pocket. We’ll gladly provide a few recommendations and a custom quote for different accommodation standards and tour lengths. Simply email us.