BMW Motorrad South Africa launched its Great African GS Challenge in 2004, much to the delight of BMW motorcycle aficionados the continent over. It’s not at about speed – it’s all about skill.

The GS in the BMW motorcycle name is a German acronym for Gelaende Strasse which translates roughly to on-off road. The competition was designed to find the rider that is best able to control his GS regardless of the terrain and where better to do that than in South Africa? Participants therefore have to complete a series of challenging tests in both on and off road conditions to score points. The talented rider that comes in with the most points is awarded this prestigious title.

The versatile, semi-dessert region of the Great Karoo has been chosen as this year’s site for the four-day Great African GS Challenge which runs between 22-25 September. Mornings will be spent riding picturesque African hills and slopes. These have been graded very much like a ski resort would grade slopes with blue (easy), green (intermediate) and red (hold onto your hats) routes. Afternoons can be spent pitting your skills against the various challenges that have been planned.

Karoo Biking has designed a special 12-day tour package in celebration of the fact that BMW has chosen the Karoo as its site for the Great African GS Challenge. Make the most of your stay – take a tour, practice your skills and then enter the Challenge! Are you man enough? Are you biker enough?

Tour dates: 17.09.2005 – 28.09.2005