Chapman’s Peak Drive, a narrow pass that was etched into the mountainside between 1915 and 1922, is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most spectacular roads. Starting in the quaint fishing village of Hout Bay, the road winds its way up to Chapman’s Point before heading back down to the idyllic looking Noordhoek. With numerous parking bays, view points and picnic spots, the sea-side road was well travelled by both visitors and Cape locals for the spectacular, uninterrupted views that it affords.

The 10 kilometre long road was closed for its longest period after a fatal accident caused by a severe rock fall on December 29 1999. R150 million and almost three years later, the pass has been re-opened to much fanfare and a little criticism. Although motorists are delighted with not having to take the 50 kilometre detour over Ou Kaapseweg and Constantia Nek any longer, using the beautiful pass will now come at a price as it’s become a toll road. Those wanting to enjoy the views will now have to pay R13 on motorcycle or R20 by car to enjoy what was once free.

Chapman’s Peak Drive in 1922

Karoo Biking on Chapman’s Peak Drive on the opening day December 20th 2003

Karoo Biking guests will naturally have the opportunity to experience the curvaceous Chapman’s Peak Drive on one of their first day trips to the Cape Of Good Hope Nature Reserve.

Chapman’s Peak Drive 2003