February 2010
West Coast/Namibia Tour

Hello Jurgen, Werner,
We really enjoyed SA and we found the variations in scenery fascinating. The pictures that you took, Werner, were excellent and certainly bring out the atmosphere of the trip. Superb! As this was our third bike trip but the first time with a professional photographer I believe it works. Certainly it is also something to look forward to after the flat spot on returning home. Please keep up the good work.
Jurgen, the trip itself for us did include a number of firsts the longest ever off road and the longest distance covered in one day. The accommodation and planning were all excellent and perfectly timed. Your knowledge of the trip and of the places we visited made us fell more than just tourists. The selected routes catered for all levels of biking tastes and the bike themselves were a credit to the team that looks after them. Please pass on our thanks.
Even though you couldn’t have too much influence on the weather, you still did a pretty good job..! It is difficult to cater for all the different tastes and ideas that people have and I guess the more people on the trip the harder it gets. My philosophy in life is always to have a -Plan B-. I think that between us all on this trip we can up with a number of Plan B’s that in the end, did cater for everyone. After the trip and before we all went our different ways, everyone, and I mean everyone did say that they really enjoyed the trip and that is what counts.
We are considering our next trip and we quite like the sound of the CPT to Joburg trip – watch this space!
Very best regards
Mick and Julie Cameron
Dullingham Newmarket, United Kingdom

Julie and Michael Cameron from Dullingham Newmarket, United Kingdom

September 2006
Selfguided Tour Karoo, West Coast and Cedarberg

What can we say….. our friends & family called us crazy: „You want to spend your honeymoon on motorcycles rather than on a sandy beach????“
Guess what, it was the best decision we could’ve made! Jürgen’s route planning for the two of us was simply ingenious, the choice of accommodation (we MUST mention Charles and his lovely house in Prince Albert!!!), the suggestions for scenic routes and ways to avoid the main roads – simply fantastic. Add to that the hospitality we found everywhere and the friendliness towards bikers (which you don’t always get in Europe), amazing! Finally of course the story about Dave losing his wedding ring because he was being sick with a stomach bug and lost so much weight that the ring dropped off his finger and – because it was found by a room maid and returned to the landlord – finally made its long way to be reunited with the panicking groom in Cape Town before we flew back to old Blighty. The bikes (F650 Dakars) were our first choice and we loved riding them. So much that we’re now considering swapping our Japanese bikes at home for them (once the wallets permit us to do so).
We’ve definitely lost our hearts to South Africa, and we’ll be back (once we get a chance in our jobs to get more than 2 weeks off!!)
Anyone not sure whether to go for this kind of trip – for whatever reason – don’t hesitate, it is actually feasible even for those who are not sooooo experienced riding on unsurfaced roads. Just take it easy and take in the beautiful countryside. (and don’t forget the sundowner drinks and to imbibe on the lovely SA wines….)
Dave & Sabine

Dave & Sabine Jones from Oxfordshire, England

September 2006
West Coast/Namibia Tour

Hi Jurgen,
Hope alls well with you. Just to say a huge thank you to Celia, you and your team for a quite unbelievable West Coast Tour in September. Some of the dust from my jacket has faded a bit but all the photos people keep sending means that memories are still strong! Im sure others on the trip have e-mailed similar thanks – we really got on so well and had a lot of fun. I can imagine that further trips between us may well happen!
I think I was probably the most nervous participant initially – having only had my license for 3 years and being a woman travelling alone etc. The guys at Huijs Haarlem sorted me out though and quickly after meeting you and Celia and the others on the trip, I realised no need for nerves. Bikers are nice people! And we all continue to learn etc. I think my riding improved through the ten days – I calculated that I did more miles on the trip than I had done on a bike previously! Im still not that keen on windy mountain passes at any great speed – but there was never a problem to let others pass whilst I took in the views!
It was a quite fantastic trip- some big miles for sure and the extent of gravel and off-tarmac riding took some people by surprise I know. I think having travelled in southern Africa before, I was less surprised by the distances and the condition of the roads were way better than many other countries in the region. Also, I think the fact that I had done a short course back home with BMW on off-road skills helped me. Travelling the distances, feeling the size of the country, being away from main roads and crossing into Namibia were keys to the trip for me. And then all those spring flowers through Namaqualand – quite amazing!
I think we all wished we could stay longer in all the guesthouses we stopped in. The accommodation and hospitality (and the wine) were fabulous. I felt bad leaving trails of red dust in most of them! My favourite stops though were the ones along the road – taking shade wherever it was and having Wagner pull up with cold cokes. Celia seemed to have an unlimited supply of goodies in her tank bag as well!
Definitely hope to be back soon. I had such a good time on all fronts that I cannot really imagine how to improve on a holiday. But Celia tells me that the Klein Karoo is even better…
Many thanks and all best wishes,
Brighton, England

Dr. Jennifer A. Elliott from Brighton England

September 2004
West Coast/Namibia Tour

We would like to thank you for all the assistance we got especially me who was in contact with you for a very long time before the tour. You were always available even when you were on a tour, answered my mails and supplied any necessary information. Along my preparation for the tour I was sure that I made the right choice to take the motorbike tour with you and obviously it has been proved to be the right decision with no surprises.

Zippy und Zvi Pink aus Israel